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7th-Feb-2007 11:16 pm - Promise ficlet
broken pencil damn
Hey guys. It's WINcest from gaia, though I'm never on there anymore. Gaia tends to mess with my comp. Anyway, I wrote a little ficlet for Steph.

Title: Promise
Author: terriblesix
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Sam/Dean implied
Rating: PG13 (sorry guys!)
Warnings: Incest
Word Count: 217
Spoilers: Slight ‘Playthings’. Not too detailed though
Summary: Dean’s not happy about the promise he made to Sam.
Disclaimer: Oh, how I wish they were mine. If they were, you’d see them doing all sorts of naughty things. Sadly they’re Kripke’s, and the CW etc, etc. Woe is me.
A/N: For Steph. Even though I wrote it for her, I make her beta. 217 words are hardly taxing, I should hope.
Well, you guys get a ficlet since apparently that’s about as long as my bunnies want to stick around for. Perhaps I should stock up on carrots. Wow, lamest joke ever!
Anyway, this little bunny hopped over from Kripke’s mind, since this is obviously a missing scene. I’m sure they meant to stick it the show somewhere.

Clicky here!
fpvs - Pink
Title: Reassurance
Author: fpvs
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Sam/Dean, Dean/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, underage sex, rimming (*pouts* no-one lists rimming anymore!)
Word Count: 7,758
Summary: Set directly after Crossroad Blues. Sam sees Dean angsting and takes it upon himself to make him better.
Disclaimer: The boys aren’t mine. They’re Kripke’s, the CW’s, sorta Jensen and Jared’s…. Not mine, anyways. I just borrow them. Play with them a little. And put them back into their individual boxes until next time :) Please don’t sue! I just wanna make people happy.
A/N: My first full-length fic. My first explicit fic. My first to be cross-posted. Please be kind, but all constructive criticism and praise greatly appreciated. If people like my writing, I have, like, 8 Plot!Bunnies rearing to go! Lol (And yes… I know the ending is a little dodgy… But let me have it?? First fic and all! *nods*). MASSIVE thankyou to arsilver_angel for Beta'ing and helping kick me in the right direction with some serious re-writes at the start of this fic. And to Jenn... Without whome I wouldn't have been writing this fic on the bathroom of a hotel room in NYC in the wee hours of the morning.

(He looked over at his broken brother knowing that once again, Dean had raised a giant barrier to keep him at a distance.)
26th-Nov-2006 09:52 am - TensionSickness's FanFics
These are all personal, mind you. So yeah, please read them if it so be your whim, will, and desire.

Shifting Love

Title: Shifting Love
Pairings/Characters: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Category: Slash/Angst/First Time
Spoilers: Skin..Sort of.
Summary: Sam, hiding his true emotions from Dean, finds himself in the opposite chair as he watches Dean relapse for a first time. In attempts to cheer him up, he finds himself uncontrolling of his desires, and Dean's surmising temptations as well. Little does he know, that in old Chicago, there's a shapeshifter lurking around.
Notes/Warnings: This is the third chapter, and although the ending seems like the official ending, I have plans to make this seem a bit more slashy and longer. I think I might add an extra chapter for closure, but I don't know if I might incorporate more of the plot into it. I just might if I can think of a way. In the meantime, enjoy.

First Two Chapters

Third Chapter

Brother, Beer, And Broad; Hotel Room Protocol, Brother, You Have A Backseat Driver

Sorry, but I haven't put these stories on LiveJournal. O_o They're in the Sam/Dean Slash Archive..So yeah, if you have an account there, please leave me a review. If not, just leave one here. :D

My Sam/Dean Slash Archive Stories

-Tension Sickness (Old Brokeback/Unaverage Fanboy)
18th-Nov-2006 07:07 am - Amanda's Rec's
Amanda's Recommendations
-Every fic has the 'Manda Seal of Approval'... I wouldn't recommend them if they weren't exceptionally good-



And the Rain Will Fall
Summary: An unfortunate accident while hunting leaves Dean with an injured and delirious Sam on his hands. To keep his brother conscious however, Dean finds himself actually encouraging one of those brotherly bonding moments he so desperately tries to avoid.

Summary:Witnessing horrific car wreck forces Dean to help Sam deal with Jess.

Last Man Standing
Summary: Sam's overwhelmed with the job and makes a mistake leading to injury.

On the Other Side of You
Summary: Jessica talked to him most nights. Her choice of conversation seemed normal. They were the kinds of things he would have expected from his brother’s girlfriend, and sometimes Dean almost forgot she was dead at all.

Under Ice
Summary: Sam has been taken by something unknown and soon all he knows is the ice around him.

Two or more chapters

Summary: Preseries. A seemingly normal illness turns into a whole lot more for the Winchester family.

Frozen Fears
Summary: Preseries. While trying to stay alive and warm after a hunt leaves them stranded, 18-year-old Sam and 22-year-old Dean discover something about each other.

Children Shouldn’t Play with Sharp Things
Summary: Preseries. Sam's 11 Dean's 15. Sam decides to play with one of his brother's things. He was told not to touch it for a reason. Sammy angst. Twoshot.

Summary: An old enemy returns and Sam becomes bait for the trap.

Ghosts in the Fog
Summary: After an attack in the woods, Sam is left alone and with amnesia. Dean must find his brother and together, with the help of some friends, they battle the thing that prowls Black Hills Forest.

Summary: Bested by a demon, Sam and Dean scramble to find its weakness before it can complete its mission.

In Want and Sympathy
Summary: Sam, still grieving over Jess' death, gets unexpected insight into Dean's fears. This story is set shortly after Bloody Mary.

Lady of the Lake
Summary: The boys are having a bad week, Sam’s hearing singing and Dean’s confused when supposed suicide drowning victims are trying to talk to him.. using Sam.

Locked Up
Summary: Dean and Sam are arrested on false charges and thrown in prison Warning: Sexual situations suggested but nothing explicit.

Summary: Sam and Dean take an unexpected break that leads them into uncharted territory. Slow read at first but it's increasingly good.

Perchance to Dream
Summary: Dean helps Sam sleep, with unexpected consequences.

Summary: Both brothers were having trouble coping with their father’s death. Unfortunately, the actions of one may end up destroying the other. Can they heal before it’s too late?

Soul Catcher
Summary: Sam is plagued by waking nightmares. Unsure what to do, Dean turns to Missouri Mosely.

The Blue Lady of Marywood
Summary: Dean and Sam sign up for a weekend at a reputed haunted house party

The Powers That Be
Summary: Sam and Dean are led to a strange young boy who has the ability to reach Sam in his nightmares. Once they arrive, things are not as they appear as demons control the household, and what they really want is Sam.

Summary: Dean and Sam find themselves in a place where things are not as they seem.


Mistaken Identities
Summary: Ames White grinned as he saw the Impala drive past him. He had finally found 494. Dark Angel/Supernatural.

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