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Supernatural Fanfic: Reassurance NC-17 Sam/Dean, Dean/OFC 
8th-Feb-2007 01:34 am
fpvs - Pink
Title: Reassurance
Author: fpvs
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Sam/Dean, Dean/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, underage sex, rimming (*pouts* no-one lists rimming anymore!)
Word Count: 7,758
Summary: Set directly after Crossroad Blues. Sam sees Dean angsting and takes it upon himself to make him better.
Disclaimer: The boys aren’t mine. They’re Kripke’s, the CW’s, sorta Jensen and Jared’s…. Not mine, anyways. I just borrow them. Play with them a little. And put them back into their individual boxes until next time :) Please don’t sue! I just wanna make people happy.
A/N: My first full-length fic. My first explicit fic. My first to be cross-posted. Please be kind, but all constructive criticism and praise greatly appreciated. If people like my writing, I have, like, 8 Plot!Bunnies rearing to go! Lol (And yes… I know the ending is a little dodgy… But let me have it?? First fic and all! *nods*). MASSIVE thankyou to arsilver_angel for Beta'ing and helping kick me in the right direction with some serious re-writes at the start of this fic. And to Jenn... Without whome I wouldn't have been writing this fic on the bathroom of a hotel room in NYC in the wee hours of the morning.

(He looked over at his broken brother knowing that once again, Dean had raised a giant barrier to keep him at a distance.)
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