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Promise ficlet 
7th-Feb-2007 11:16 pm
broken pencil damn
Hey guys. It's WINcest from gaia, though I'm never on there anymore. Gaia tends to mess with my comp. Anyway, I wrote a little ficlet for Steph.

Title: Promise
Author: terriblesix
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Sam/Dean implied
Rating: PG13 (sorry guys!)
Warnings: Incest
Word Count: 217
Spoilers: Slight ‘Playthings’. Not too detailed though
Summary: Dean’s not happy about the promise he made to Sam.
Disclaimer: Oh, how I wish they were mine. If they were, you’d see them doing all sorts of naughty things. Sadly they’re Kripke’s, and the CW etc, etc. Woe is me.
A/N: For Steph. Even though I wrote it for her, I make her beta. 217 words are hardly taxing, I should hope.
Well, you guys get a ficlet since apparently that’s about as long as my bunnies want to stick around for. Perhaps I should stock up on carrots. Wow, lamest joke ever!
Anyway, this little bunny hopped over from Kripke’s mind, since this is obviously a missing scene. I’m sure they meant to stick it the show somewhere.

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