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TensionSickness's FanFics 
26th-Nov-2006 09:52 am
These are all personal, mind you. So yeah, please read them if it so be your whim, will, and desire.

Shifting Love

Title: Shifting Love
Pairings/Characters: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Category: Slash/Angst/First Time
Spoilers: Skin..Sort of.
Summary: Sam, hiding his true emotions from Dean, finds himself in the opposite chair as he watches Dean relapse for a first time. In attempts to cheer him up, he finds himself uncontrolling of his desires, and Dean's surmising temptations as well. Little does he know, that in old Chicago, there's a shapeshifter lurking around.
Notes/Warnings: This is the third chapter, and although the ending seems like the official ending, I have plans to make this seem a bit more slashy and longer. I think I might add an extra chapter for closure, but I don't know if I might incorporate more of the plot into it. I just might if I can think of a way. In the meantime, enjoy.

First Two Chapters

Third Chapter

Brother, Beer, And Broad; Hotel Room Protocol, Brother, You Have A Backseat Driver

Sorry, but I haven't put these stories on LiveJournal. O_o They're in the Sam/Dean Slash Archive..So yeah, if you have an account there, please leave me a review. If not, just leave one here. :D

My Sam/Dean Slash Archive Stories

-Tension Sickness (Old Brokeback/Unaverage Fanboy)
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